Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Norman Rockwell Exhibit at Heritage Museums and Gardens

We're so fortunate to have a variety of world-class cultural events within a short drive from the Captain Tom Lawrence House Inn, Falmouth.  Among these is an exhibit entitled Norman Rockwell:  Beyond the Easel, at the Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich, MA.  The exhibit, which runs until September 3, 2012,  features more than 150 photographs, original paintings, and drawings from one of America's most loved artists.  A highlight of the show is a segment called Picturing Health: Norman Rockwell and the Art of Illustration, which explores the doctor/patient relationship, physical fitness, health and healing. These pieces were created as part of Rockwell's commissions by pharmaceutical companies to create advertising images. 

A visit to Sandwich and the Heritage Museums and Gardens is a great day trip from Falmouth.  Enjoy a look at some of Norman Rockwell's most enduring images as well as other attractions at Heritage and be back in Falmouth in time for dinner!

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