Friday, May 2, 2014

A Nice Spring Walk - Four Ponds Conservation Area

About a 10-minute drive from the Captain Tom Lawrence House Inn is the Four Ponds Conservation Area in the town of Bourne.  Named for - you guessed it - four ponds within the tract - it is 280 acres of well-maintained wooded trails, about 3.6 miles in all. The walk is described in "Walking the Cape and Islands" by David Weintraub, as moderately difficult, with all manner of flora and fauna, such as the Mute Swans shown here.  It is mostly rolling terrain, but, to get the heart pumping and keep things interesting, there are a few hills.
To do the entire walk would take a couple of hours, but the main loop around the ponds is less than an hour. We have found the trails to be well marked and, for the most part, wide.  If you need a rest or just want to take in the scenery, there are benches in many spots along the trails.
Four Ponds Conservation Area is located off Barlows Landing Road in Bourne.  It is open all year and dogs are allowed on leash.

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